Downtown Parking District




  • Monterey Street Garage: $50.00 /月
  • Salinas Street Garage: $40.00 /月
  • 第5停车场 & 8: $55.00 /月
  • Parking Lot 12: $40.00 /月


  • Monterey Street Garage: $1.25 /小时

Please select an option below to learn more about the different parking options available:

Short Term Parking: Downtown Validation Program

Downtown Parking Validation Program is available to businesses located in the Downtown Parking District. Currently, parking validation only applies to the Monterey Street Parking Garage, although the program may be expanded to other parking locations in the future. 的re are two forms of validations available to businesses: Parking Validation Coupons & Parking Validation Encoder Machines.

Please visit the Downtown Parking Validation Program webpage to learn more about the Downtown Parking Validation Program:

Long Term Parking: Monthly 停车许可证

Downtown monthly parking permits available now for the months of July through December. Please note that a parking permit is valid only for the specific lot for which it is purchased.

Please visit the 停车许可证 webpage for more information:



Where can I park in Downtown?

Download a map below to see the different parking options available in Downtown Salinas.

Parking Permit Forms

停车许可证 are available for purchase in-person at the 金融 department in City Hall, by email or mail. Please download one of the forms below: